About Sirius Black's

The Name

We are named 'Sirius Black's' or 'Sirius Blacks', after the great 'Sirius Black' who tragiclly died in 'The order of the phoenix'. He died fighting his cousin, (Bellatrix Lestrange) as part of the order, to protect Harry Potter. It was this death of his godfather whom Harry saw as much more, which led to him using his first 'unforgivable curse' on a human (Bellatrix).
Sirius to me is the best character in the books for numerous reasons. Due to this I wanted to dedicate my site name to him.

The Beginning

Sirius Black's started out as a small Harry Potter forum which quickly grew into a close knit but still small community. We slowly started adding Harry Potter related news within the forum but this soon wasn't enough. More and more Harry Potter news was added more frequently which prompted the evolution of the site and then eventually the fan section, interactive section, topsites, awards and chat.

The Network

The Sirius Black's Network consists of the following;

The Ending

Why does there have to be an ending? Sirius Black's will remain online for as long as possible. Activity may be reduced with less news, but the release of the final Harry Potter book, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', changes little. There will still be plenty of news about the remaining films in production, and always questions to be answered regarding the Harry Potter universe, theories and more.

The contributers

I would like to thank all the staff and all those I have credited on the credits page, for all their hard work, contributions and/or services which have all proved invaluable for the site. There has also been a large amount of help from other sources, mainly other Harry Potter sites and communities. These include our wonder affiliates and partners and anyone we've stolen news from :P

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